Following Arsenal’s 5-0 victory over Lincoln City in the FA Cup on Saturday, Ian Wright, Chris Sutton and Michael Owen answered viewers’ questions on BT Sport.

And there was one question that created an incredibly awkward moment between the trio.

BT Sport presenter Jake Humphrey read out the following viewer question: “Who had the best left foot: Wright, Sutton or Owen.”

Without a moment’s hesitation, Wright said: “Me. Don’t even ask them two – they can’t get near to where my left foot was.”



“If Wrighty says that…” Sutton commented.

“Absolutely,” the former Arsenal striker responded. “How many goals did you score with your left foot? How many? I don’t even remember doing it – I don’t even remember what foot I used I was so good.”

Owen, at this point, started laughing in the background – presumably at Wright’s arrogance.

Sutton, meanwhile, held out his hands and made a funny face. He couldn’t believe what he was hearing.

Watch it here

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