Leonardo Bonucci said he “cleared the air, face to face” with Max Allegri and will pay for a team dinner, but “Juventus decide my future.”

The defender was at a charity event this evening and was asked about the now infamous touchline row with his Coach, which saw him then sent to the stands for the Champions League trip to Porto.

“We cleared the air, face to face, with Allegri,” said Bonucci.

“I will pay for dinner with the entire team next week due to what happened with Allegri. After that clarification, things are even better than they were before.

“You need to take the positives from anything negative that happens and it further cemented the group together.

“The morning after was worse than the night before. As far as I was concerned, it ended there and the Coach felt the same way, but then there’s a group that needs to be taken into account and a Coach who decides for the good of the group.”

Both the Italy international and Allegri have been linked with a future in the Premier League.

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