Chelsea Happy

Maurizio Sarri is reportedly winning over Chelsea players with his more relaxed approach to training and diet.
It is perhaps no surprise that the chain-smoking ex-Napoli Coach isn’t as strict on lifestyle choices as predecessor Antonio Conte.
The Sun newspaper claims Sarri is taking extra steps to ensure the players are as happy as possible when they come to work at Cobham.
This includes a new directive to delay the start of training sessions so the players can spend the morning with their families, getting the kids ready for school.
They still train for the same amount of time and do double sessions, but spread them out later in the day.
Similarly, Sarri already scrapped the traditional Italian approach introduced by Conte of the squad staying in a hotel the night before a game.
Napoli captain Marek Hamsik had already praised Sarri for his relaxed attitude to the players back in February.
“When we are on the pitch, he demands maximum concentration and always wants us to give our all. Off the pitch, the Coach is relaxed, funny and very outgoing.
“It’s really incredible, I’ve never seen anyone smoke so much. Thank God he has to stop during the games.”

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