Everton defender Seamus Coleman is expected to leave hospital on Wednesday, says Republic of Ireland boss Martin O’Neill.

Coleman suffered a double break of his right leg during Friday’s draw with Wales, and O’Neill said the injury had put a “dampener” on Tuesday’s friendly with Iceland, who won 1-0 in Dublin.

“He’s getting out tomorrow, I think,” said O’Neill after the game.

“Seamus is doing much better. I went to see him again. He’s in better spirits.”

He added: “It’s as much to do with he’s still got the family around – his brother, his wife, his mother and the youngster all keeping him pretty busy.”

The Republic captain fractured both the tibia and fibula in his leg when he was tackled by Wales midfielder Neil Taylor, who was sent off.

O’Neill said Coleman’s “strong character” increased his chances of making a full recovery.

“If anybody is going to come roaring back from this injury, it will certainly be him,” he added.

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