Daniele De Rossi has confirmed that he plans to become a Coach – but wants to continue playing after he leaves Roma this summer.

De Rossi held a Press conference to explain the reasons for his departure from Roma, having spent his entire playing career at the Olimpico.

The midfielder has been offered to stay on in a directorial capacity, but he admitted it did not interest him at this time as was disappointed on how the club handled his contract.

“The fact that my contract wouldn’t have been renewed was announced to me yesterday, but I’m 36 this season and I’m not stupid,” explained the 35-year-old.

“I live in the world of football: if no-one calls you to discuss a new contract, that’s the direction taken.

“There were no talks. I’d talked to Monchi a couple of times and he’d reassured me, but I’ve always had the feeling that this would happen.

“The last time I signed a two-year contract was the day after Francesco retired. I’ve always spoken little because there’s been nothing to say and I didn’t want to create any noise, which could’ve distracted the team and everyone else.

“I thank Guido [Fienga] for the offer and how he’s treated me in the last few months. I also want to thank [Ricky] Massara.

“There’s a great deal of mutual respect, but the feeling on my part was that I could go on as a footballer.

“I haven’t talked to other teams. Until the game against Genoa, I was convinced about the Champions League and I didn’t want to distract anyone.

“I’ve received 500 messages. I didn’t check to see if there were any offers! I still feel like a footballer and I want to continue. I’d be wrong to myself if I stopped now.

“The club is there to decide whether you can or can’t play. We can talk for 10 hours about how I think I could’ve been important to the team with even just 5-10-20 games or in the dressing room because I think I’m important to them.

“The decision, however, must be taken by the club. Someone must make the call. My regret isn’t that, but rather the fact that we only talked a little this year.

“Distance sometimes creates misunderstandings like these, but I hope the club improve in this regard because I’m a Roma fan.

“The club decide who plays, the coach decides who he wants. I can’t expect anything else.

“On May 27, I have a flight at two in the afternoon. I need to spend some time not thinking about football, even if I have to find a team.

“I don’t know if I’ll stay in Italy or go abroad. I have to talk at home, with myself, with my agent. There’s so many people I have to consult, so we’ll see.

“Being a director doesn’t appeal to me that much, but it would make sense to do that here at Roma.

“I do Francesco’s dirty work and I’ll join him if one day I change my mind. It’s true that they’d welcome me with open arms, but I’d like to do a job that I want to do.

“It’s a long journey and I have to study a lot to be able to make it happen.”



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