From a lack of thought for match-going fans to more excitement at the end of the season, We suggest how Spanish football can improve in 2019.

Fewer Monday and Friday night matches

A standard La Liga weekend round of games includes matches which are not technically on weekends – 20% of them, if not more. These games are often poorly-attended with particular clubs — those not in European competition — affected.

This is good for TV companies, but highly inconvenient for fans who work long hours during the week — some games kick-off at 21:00 local time.

More thought for match going fans

Early-morning kick-offs, games played in high heats, excessive ticket prices, shoddy facilities and being treated with contempt are among the problems for football fans in Spain.

Fan representatives need to be appointed to address this myriad of concerns. At a time when La Liga is fixated on expanding abroad, they shouldn’t forget the supporters on their own doorstep at the same time.

The return of fallen giants

Everyone loves a fairy-tale and the promotions of Girona, Leganes, Eibar and Huesca are heart-warming. Yet perhaps the balance has tipped – there are a host of Spanish clubs struggling in the lower leagues.

Real Zaragoza, Real Mallorca, Malaga and Deportivo La Coruna are just four. Big clubs bring big crowds, nostalgia and real interest – it would be beneficial to see them return.

A different Copa del Rey winner

Barcelona have won the Cup competition four years in a row. For the last eight seasons, only Barca, Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid have lifted the trophy.

Yet between 1999 and 2008, none of those clubs won the Copa del Rey but eight different clubs did. That was fun, and it would be better if the competitions were less predictable and more open.

A proper title race

Last season Barcelona won the League by 14 points and did not lose a game until they had already won the title. It is all change this season – Barca dropped 13 points in their first 13 games alone.

Any League will suffer without a proper title race and it ensures the top clubs in the Division operate on their highest possible level.

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