Will someone finally stop Juventus? Will both Milan clubs return to former glories? And what of the problems on and off the field, we ask…

Someone stop Juve

Juventus look set to win yet another Scudetto, but how wonderful would it be to see another title challenge like we saw last season?

That’s nothing against Juventus or their brilliant Coach and squad, but a healthy Serie A with a strong title challenger against the Old Lady would be a huge benefit to the League.

Milan make waves

If you can have one Milan side doing well in Serie A, it’s a good thing. But if you have two, it makes the League so much stronger.

If Milan and Inter can get it together long enough to compete with each other for a Champions League place, then Serie A will become a much more interesting place.

Genoa end the merry-go-round

Ivan Juric might be the unluckiest Coach in European football. Since 2016, Jurcic has managed Genoa three separate times, but each time he’s been sacked and replaced by someone else, the most recent occasion being Cesare Prandelli.

It would be a huge achievement for the club if they can keep Prandelli for longer than six months.

Europa League wildcard

The Europa League race has been rather exciting in the first six months of 2018, but in 2019 it would be so fun to see clubs such Sassuolo, Torino, Fiorentina and Atalanta keep up their European push and challenge Lazio for their Europa League spot.

A bunch of new teams in the European mix keeps the League fresh and competition keeps teams on their toes, which could be the perfect situation in Serie A this season.

Move forward on racism

A huge issue in Italian football has been racism in the past few years and in the words of Kevin-Prince Boateng of Sassuolo, ‘nothing has changed.’

And he’s right, but it would be a huge positive for Italian football to have harsh sanctions on both fans and players when they’re caught using racially offensive language — it would massively improve the image of the League both in Europe and across the globe.

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