Arsenal great Thierry Henry believes Arsene Wenger should remain as manager of the club but urged players to improve their mentality.

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has been subject to severe criticism lately as Arsenal fell 12 points adrift of Chelsea, who are at the top of the table.

Henry feels there is no reason Arsene Wenger should leave the club, but he needs to fix some difficult problems at the club.

“Personally, I don’t think Arsene has to go,” he told RMC.

“Does he have to change his tactics or his way of doing things? I don’t know if he’s willing to do that.

“But the work he has to do at the moment is difficult because it is mental work. What I saw against Chelsea is a mental problem. And it’s not easy to manage.

“For now, something is missing.”

Henry added: “I think Arsenal players are not aware of what they can achieve. At some point, you have to believe in your chances of winning. It takes self-management and self-discipline in the group.”

Thierry Henry has won two Premier League titles wearing an Arsenal shirt.

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