Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger admits that he is worried by the sudden rise of Chinese Super League and the enormous wages being offered by them.

The Frenchman is concerned that the wages offered by Chinese Super League teams will set the benchmark at Europe.

When asked if the financial pull of Chinese clubs could complicate Arsenal’s negotiations with top players, Wenger said: “That’s the danger, that the Chinese offers become the benchmark for Europe. You cannot compete with that.”

“My thought is that when you want to be a football player, your first aspiration is to play in the best league, against the best players. That has to be the first target.”

“After that when you are a professional football player you want to combine the fact you can play in the best league, against the best players, for the maximum amount of money.”

“I think that combination is the best in England at the moment, so I don’t see why the players should leave the English Premier League.

“But China has moved forward, tries to promote football and I’m happy football becomes very popular in China, but I still think most players, of the big players, will stay in Europe at the moment.”

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