Claude Makelele thinks that Chelsea star N’Golo Kante can get to the next level by learning when to play at a high tempo and when to take his foot off the gas.

Kante won a host of awards last season as he helped Antonio Conte’s side win the Premier League for the fifth time in the club’s history. His performances earned him comparisons with Makelele, but the Stamford Bridge great says the 26-year-old can develop further.

Playing additional Champions League fixtures this season represents a further test for the midfielder, and his predecessor believes it is one that may force him to change his style a little.

“He is a good player. It is difficult to find some who loves running for everything like him,” Makelele told Goal . “He plays for his partners. He is unbelievable. He is also clever and very serious. Around him, he has good people to help him to be a great player.

“It might be difficult for him when he gets older. He can’t run like that for 90 minutes. I think he will one day need to change the way he plays. He could use his intelligence even more, be selective about his runs.

“If you want to play every four days in the Premier League, FA Cup and the Champions League, he might need to change he much he runs a little. However, Chelsea signed him to play the way that he plays with his running. So that’s the problem.

“It is important for him to understand to conserve his energy. He is still young, when he is older, he will understand how to change the way that he plays.”

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