Lazio Fans Stir Controversy With Anti-Semitic Banners

Lazio have condemned sections of their supporters after anti-Semitic graffiti and stickers were found in the Stadio Olimpico following Sunday’s 3-0 win over Cagliari.

The north stand – where Lazio’s ‘ultra’ fans are usually located – was closed for the match due to a punishment handed down to the club in response to racist chanting from some fans against Sassuolo on October 1.

In response to that, the club opted to allow their ‘ultras’ into the south stand, which is the area Roma’s most vocal fans are situated for their home matches in the shared stadium.

Maintenance staff then found graffiti and numerous anti-Semitic stickers in the south stand on Monday, with some reportedly depicting Anne Frank in a Roma jersey, and Lazio blasted these actions.

Lazio spokesperson Arturo Diaconale said: “SS Lazio always condemns racism in all its forms. We are speechless after this news, that clearly involves a limited amount of people among the mass, who instead always behave in a fair way.

“We are worried by the fact that a small group of reckless people, who are struggling to keep up with the times, could bring such a big damage to a club.”

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