Liverpool Inspire New Carlsberg Beer

Carlsberg, one of the leading brewery groups in the world, has come up with a special beer to celebrate 25 years of their partnership with English football giants Liverpool FC.

Hops is one of the main ingredients in beer, as the cones from hop plants give beer its hoppy taste. What Carlsberg has done to incorporate the element of Liverpool in the beer is cultivating special red hop plants by immersing them in footage of 25 years of Liverpool FC matches and the sound of roaring fans.

This was done by scientists at the Carlsberg Research Laboratory in Copenhagen who used a powerful sound system and 360 video screen at the brewery’s Copenhagen greenhouse displaying Liverpool FC matches spanning the past three decades.

“Research has shown that hops plan grow better when exposed to sound vibrations, which will result in more photosynthesis and more biomass. We decided to use this to brew probably the best fan beer in the world to commemorate Carlsberg’s and Liverpool FC’s joint 25 year history is a whole new way of thinking of beer terroir,” says Pai Rosager Pedas, Senior Scientist at Carlsberg Research Laboratory.

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