Lukaku on The Rise

PUMA released a track performed by Belgian music artist TheColorGrey named

“New Levels” paying homage to Romelu Lukaku’s rise to stardom.

Lukaku, 25 years old, is one of the world’s top strikers and at this young age is already the highest scorer of all time for the Belgian national team,his passion for hip-hop is well known and a source of constant inspiration to the player.

Romelu chose his friend and musician‘TheColorGrey‘,a young hip-hop and urban music producer and performer, to work on a music collaboration that would tell the story of their tough upbringing.The friends workedclosely together on the choice of beat whilst TheColorGrey developed lyrics that pay homage to their childhood and how it informed Romelu’s journey from the ‘Street to the Palace’.

Check out the film here:

TheColorGrey: “Rom is a great role model for young people who come from the same tough background and want to achieve their ambitions. He is, of course, very talented, butsinceIhave known him he has always hustled and worked hard to achieve his dream. Through this soundtrack, I wanted to highlight these values. It was an amazing experience getting him in the studio to teach him how I work. He is a guy who has always inspired me for his relentless endeavor, the unshakeable belief in himself, and his exemplary mentality on and off the pitch. So it was great to be able to finally repay him by teaching him some of my skills in the studio.”

Romelu Lukaku: “I’m sure you know that one friend who always tried to be a musician. Well with this guy, it’s different, TheColorGrey has something else. He is talented beyond words. I am happy that PUMA has offered us the opportunity to work on such a great collaboration off the pitch. TheColorGrey is above all someone who can really understand and capture where I come from and what I had to go through to succeed. Especially what it means to be a kid growing up with a burning ambition to pursue a special dream while your parents are struggling with the hard circumstances of life. I hope you’ll enjoy the track and follow my friend as this is just the beginning for him.”

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“The rule is simple you get it by any means necessary Least if you willing to chase your dreams

The hunger makes us wanna be money making machines

On the road to riches you gon’ need more than just any scheme, you know Had my back against the wall

We was freakin’ poor Grocery store cashier Telling me that I can’tafford

What’s on the little piece of paper With the money momma gave him

Is it any wonder that we praying to the Lord? Something out of nothing is what I had to make If you don’t know how, I can demonstrate

It took a little while just to get it straight

Need a telescope to see from how far we came Back when momma mixed the water with the milk Only option was to mix the dedication with theskills ‘Cause the bills pilingup

Hoping they don’t cut the lights off

This for every single tear we had to wipe off Thank God it’s different days

Never they’ll forget they name Getting all accolades

Still feeling like a renegade F that, let ‘em hate

Make a killing in every state From Brussels to London

To the Toffees, to where the Devils play And nowadays they wanna bite my style

But in these boots they couldn’t walk no mile Never lost my smile

Even though the world was so hostile

But it seems me and life have reconciled

‘Cause now

I’m reaping all that I sowed Blood, sweat, tears turn to gold I’m ready for my tomorrow

‘Cause he’s watching over my soul

I’m aiming for new levels

Let’s see how far I can go

Said I’m coming for all of your medals Just in case you ain’t know”






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