Manchester United Named as the World’s Most Valuable Club

KPMG has named Manchester United as the world’s most valuable football club, becoming the first ever club to have an enterprise value of over €3 billion.

The Dutch auditors have devised an algorithm which takes in not only a club’s revenue, but is a combination of five three factors: profitability, popularity, sporting potential, broadcasting rights and stadium ownership. The combination of all these factors produces the Enterprise Value (EV).

  • Manchester United -3.09bn euros
  • Real Madrid – 2.97bn euros
  • Barcelona – 2.76bn euros
  • Bayern Munich – 2.44bn euros
  • Manchester City – 1.97bn euros
  • Arsenal – 1.95bn euros
  • Chelsea – 1.59bn euros
  • Liverpool – 1.33bn euros
  • Juventus – 1.21bn euros
  • Tottenham – 1.01bn euros
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