Off the Pitch: Levski Sofia Hooligans Light Fireworks Outside Opponent Team Hotel Ahead Of Europa League Qualifying Tie

A video footage has emerged on the internet showing football hooligans in Bulgaria let off fireworks outside their opponent’s team hotel ahead of Europa qualifier match.

Bulgarians Levski Sofia face Croatians Hajduk Split in the second leg of their Europa League second qualifying round clash today.

Hajduk won the first game 1-0 at home and know that a draw will be enough to take them to the next stage.

However, any player planning on getting a good night’s sleep was forced to think again.

Incredible footage, titled “Good morning Hajduk, did you sleep well?” shows the exact moment Levski thugs set off a barrage of fireworks directly outside their hotel.

The bangs and flashes can surely be seen for miles around, with some fireworks flying directly into the side of the building.

The incident is believed to have happened at 4am, meaning all Hajduk players would have been fast asleep in preparation of tonight’s game.

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