PUMA and Italian Serie A football club AC MILAN

PUMA and Italian Serie A football club AC MILAN have today announced an official long-term partnership, that brings together two of the most passionate, iconic and ambitious brands in Football industry.

To announce the partnership, PUMA and AC Milan have invited Ernia – Italian rapper born close to San Siro and AC Milan fan – to release a freestyle rap highlighting the partnership. This is a never seen before stunt for such partnership announcement. Video is available on Ernia’s platforms (IG @holyernia and artist’s YouTube channel)”.
AC MILAN is one of the most legendary and iconic football clubs in the world, with great support from some of the most devoted fans. Through its 119- year-old heritage, AC MILAN won 18 international titles, including 7 UEFA Champions LeagueTMtitles. AC MILAN is the most successful Italian club at an international level and one of the best in Football history.

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