PUMA New Release!


PUMA Football  launched the Hacked Pack, inspired by players who use their technique and skill to hack the game and take it to New Levels, featuring a disruptive look for the FUTURE and PUMA ONE boots. 

Influenced by the visual identity of computer programming code, the Hacked Pack combines deep digital blacks and vibrant 8-bit greens. The Hacked Pack’s digital camo effect will daze and confuse opponents as players hack the game with speed, agility, and flair, turning heads green with envy. 

The Hacked Pack will be worn on pitch from the 1st April by PUMA Football players including Antoine Griezmann, Luis Suàrez, Sergio Agüero, Romelu Lukaku, Samuel Umtiti, and Jan Oblak and can be purchased exclusively from PUMA.com and selected football specialists from the 1st April, before global release on the 4th April. 

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