PUMA Football is excited to launch the POWER UP pack, a new line of football boots which will merge the real world of football and the virtual world of gaming. ‘POWER UP’ moments are common in gaming, when the game character, through skill or unlockable item, increases their performance or ability. PUMA players won’t need to collect coins, stars or points but will unlock New Levels and be the hero of their game with the POWER UP pack.

Both the FUTURE 19.1 and PUMA ONE 19.1 football boots are updated with blasts of red and flashes of blue taken from gaming and arcade culture, inspiring on-pitch bursts of energy and creativity.

PUMA Football stars such as Antoine Griezmann, Luis Suárez and Romelu Lukaku will feature the POWER UP pack on pitch from January 11 before the global release on January 15.

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