“Selling Matic Was A Poor Decision”

Manchester United legend Phil Neville has described the decision by Chelsea to sell Nemanja Matic to Manchester United as the “poorest decision” he’s seen in the Premier League.

“One word – Matic. It’s as simple as that for me,” Neville, commenting on Chelsea’s 3-0 defeat to Roma defeat, told BBC Five Live when asked what the defending champions are missing.

“The minute they sold Nemanja Matic – and I hate going back over old ground, but when you’ve got Matic sat in front of you with Kanté, who’s been the player of the season, the last couple of years, you have the best two central midfield players in the Premier League by a country mile.

“Why they sold him…whoever made that decision needs sacking because it’s the poorest decision I’ve seen in the Premier League. To get rid of somebody…he’s not over the hill, he’s still, he’s still got loads of quality. If you ask those Chelsea players now who would they rather have in their team that’s missing…forget anybody else in world football. They’d say give us Matic back.”

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