FIGC President Carlo Tavecchio hints Serie A could start early next season – “someone will need to make some sacrifices”.

The Italian national team take on Spain in a crucial World Cup qualifier scheduled for September 2, just a week after the League season is due to start.

“Could we move the start of the Serie A season to August 13? It’s a possibility,” Tavecchio told reporter.

“Obviously we need to rule-out Ferragosto because it’s a sacred day for all Italians. To think of playing on August 15th is crazy, all Italians will be somewhere else that day.

“We’ll find a way to deal with Serie A clubs who are already committed to summer tours, and we’ll try to find a solution which is in the general interest.

“We need to think that the match with Spain could be the decisive match for World Cup qualification and someone will need to make some sacrifices.”

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