Alphonso Davies Scored The GOAL That May Change Canadian SOCCER History


On Oct 13th, at BMO field in Toronto, Alphonso Davies scored a special goal for Canada in their FIFA World Cup qualifying match against Panama that may change the course of Canadian Soccer History.

It was an incredible turning point for Canada. Never before have Canadian soccer fans been blessed with a player who could single handily turn a game around and score a world class goal.

So here are the top 10 reasons why that goal may change the course of Canadian soccer history.

  • It gave Canada 3 points to catapult them over Panama to third place in the Octagon. The top 3 make it to the World Cup in 2022. If they make it, this goal will be remembered as a major turning point.
  • It was the goal that created a new Canadian Superstar to not just soccer fans, (who already knew that) but to all the non-soccer fans in Canada.
  • This goal puts Canada on the world football map. The goal has already been shown across the world on TV. No men’s Canadian goal has ever done that before.
  • There will be an influx of organizations looking for players from Canada in more serious ways to find gems like Davies, David, and more at a low cost. A player that they can develop for their own teams or to sell at huge profits.
  • Sponsors will start looking at sponsoring Canadian Soccer teams. Generally, in Canada, pro and semi-pro teams have a tough time finding sponsorship money. If Canada can produce highlights that get millions of views, then maybe sponsors would like to get their logos in there somehow.
  • Media attention for soccer has always been lagging the other sports in Canada. The topic in sports media on the day of the game was the start of the hockey season, not soccer. Many fans switched to the soccer game and caught Davies’ goal and stayed with soccer for the rest of the game. The day after, soccer was the #1 talking point in Canadian sports media. Future games will get more attention setting new heights in attendance records and TV ratings.
  • More Canadian kids will start looking to become the next Alphonso Davies and score a goal like his for their country. Not for Real, Liverpool, Bayern, Juventus, Barcelona, or Man United, but for Canada!
  • Many potential Canadian players opt to play for other countries based on their heritage rather than Canada. This will change going forward. The possibility of getting to a World Cup with Canada could increase a players’ net worth. Owen Hargreaves chose England over Canada and Bryan Cristante, who played for Italy in Euro 2020 instead of Canada and just two examples. In the future, playing for Canada will be considered.
  • Canadian sports fans, not just soccer fans will start tuning into soccer a lot more if Canada actually gets into the Men’s FIFA World Cup and there will be more new fans for life.
  • This goal signifies the coming of a superstar who is Canadian. Superstars build fans for the game. Just look at what Michael Jordan did for basketball or what Wayne Gretzky did for hockey in the USA. Tiger Woods practically saved golf.

Superstars are vital for selling a sport or team. When someone wears a team jersey because of a player’s name, they advertise the game and the team. Imagine kids around the world wearing a Canadian jersey with Davies’ name on the back. What better advertising for a country can there be?

There you have it, my top 10 reasons why the goal by Davies against Panama will rapidly change Canadian Soccer history. It was a HUGE GOAL.

John DeBenedictis

Author of the Book, The Last 9 Seconds-The Secrets to Scoring Goals

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