Gheorghe Hagi says Roma captain Francesco Totti “is demonstrating to young people what it means to love football”.

The Giallorossi man could retire at the end of the season, having turned 40 last year, but one of Europe’s greatest number 10s urges him to remain involved in football.

“Totti is an extraordinary, fantastic footballer,” Hagi said on Tele Radio Stereo.

“He’s demonstrating to all young people what it means to love football. He’s an example in a society where young people are rebellious, so he’s an idol and an example.

“Totti needs to stay close to football. Today he’s a protagonist on the pitch, tomorrow he must teach others how to become one. Become a Coach and that’s what you’ll do.

“Totti can’t disappear, Totti can’t leave anything. Totti may not play anymore, but he can make others play.

“If he chooses a new experience as a director, he’ll work to bring the next Totti to Roma.”

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