UEFA Nation League Pots Confirmed

The pots for the UEFA Nations League have been confirmed as 55 teams across Europe prepare to do battle.

The idea behind the tournament, set up by UEFA, is to rejuvenate international football on the continent.

The competition, which starts in September 2018, will provide four qualifying spots for Euro 2020 and will determine the composition of the draw pots for the subsequent Euro 2020 qualifiers.

By virtue of the format, lower-tier countries – the bottom 16 in the rankings – are now guaranteed one of the 24 qualifying slots for the European Championship finals.

There will also be promotion and relegation between divisions.

Each of the four tiers A, B, C and D will contain four groups of three or four teams, with these decided in a draw on Wednesday, 24 January 2018 in Lausanne, Switzerland.

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