Former Arsenal defender Sol Campbell has predicted that Arsene Wenger will sign a new contract but urged him to instil his team with a new mentality.

The former England international told Omnisport: “Some people want him to stay, other fans want him to go. He’s done a wonderful job at Arsenal. He’s been put under a lot of pressure and qualifying for the Champions League 19 times consecutively is no mean feat.

“He has brought in some fantastic players over [the course] of his tenure. I think now is the time to sit back and take stock because he’s done a wonderful job.

“There are two years on the table now and I think he will take it. I feel that, once he takes it, he’ll look at a lot of things in football and in and around Arsenal to really go for it over the last two years.

“I think one thing he should do is look at is what kind of energy he’s going to bring to the team – player wise and coaching wise. I think he should look at everything and keep players like Sanchez and add more Sanchez mentality in different positions. I think he should really start look at that.”

Campbell was in the last Arsenal team to win the Premier League, when they went undefeated throughout the 2003/04 season.

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